Airbnb is a community platform of rent and reservation of housing between private individuals. She(it) was created in 2008 in the United States to propose to the travelers of the unusual experiences(experiments) for every valuable type(chap). His(her,its) growth was so important that Airbnb proposes from now on housing in more than 34 000 cities and 190 countries.


Make a search on the city of destination and the desired period. The results display and propose you a set of housing for all the categories of prices, going of an apartment for a night, up to a castle for a week even a villa (everything depends on the city and on your budget). If an accommodation interests you, you have only to make request of reservation to return in touch with the owner. This one will confirm you then the availability of the good, and if it is good you can then make your reservation.

All the financial part is made on the site via a secure platform. The owner affects the money only once the first day of the rent made. In case of dispute, there is an insurance planned by Airbnb. A pledge can be possibly added by the announcer. The site also asks for a proof of your identity (generally photocopy of ID card) for more safety. Before reserving, it is advised to read the present comments on the index card of the accommodation which we wish to rent, it avoids unpleasant surprises. Idem if you wish to rent your accommodation, when a private individual contacts you, you have access to the comments of the owners which he crossed during his previous journeys.

Airbnb stands out as an excellent way today to earn money for the owners of avid accommodation to make profitable their good, and a very good way to save for the travelers with prices very below those practised by hotels.

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Airbnb Coupons

If you are already registered on Airbnb, here is some coupons to be used to have 10 dollars of reductions on the following destinations:

  • Amsterdam : AMSTERDAM2015
  • Andalousie : ANDALOUSIE2015
  • Barcelone : BARCELONE2015
  • Belgique : BELGIQUE2015
  • Berlin : BERLIN2015
  • Bruxelles : BRUXELLES2015
  • Budapest : BUDAPEST2015
  • Copenhague : COPENHAGUE2015
  • Croatie : CROATIE2015
  • Dublin : DUBLIN2015
  • Écosse : ECOSSE2015
  • Espagne : ESPAGNE2015
  • Irlande : IRLANDE2015
  • Lisbonne : LISBONNE2015
  • Londres : LONDRES2015
  • Madrid : MADRID2015
  • Malte : MALTE2015
  • Maroc : MAROC2015
  • Marseille : MARSEILLE2015
  • Miami : MIAMI2015
  • Milan : MILAN2015
  • Montréal : MONTREAL2015
  • Moscou : MOSCOU2015
  • New-York : NEWYORK2015
  • Norvège : NORVEGE2015
  • Pologne : POLOGNE2015
  • Portugal : PORTUGAL2015
  • Prague : PRAGUE2015
  • Rome : ROME2015
  • San Francisco : SANFRANCISCO2015
  • Sardaigne : SARDAIGNE2015
  • Sicile : SICILE2015
  • Stockholm : STOCKHOLM2015
  • Vienne : VIENNE2015

The offer is valid without minimum of purchase and in a 100 km beam around these big cities.